Saturday, February 13, 2010

Rockin' (not really)

In the last week, I was able to knock out all of ONE movie from the backlog, only to add seven more. Great.

We decided to throw this on while having dinner as my wife and I tend to save the potentially more moronic movies for then, which was a good call for this film. We're both huge fans of The Office and Rainn Wilson was really the only reason I even bothered to pick this up for two bucks one day. When the movie only focuses on him, it's actually fairly funny. The opening scene is great even though they might be a bit behind on the T2 references. Rainn Wilson is basically playing a less psychotic version of Dwight who also happens to be a musician. Once the movie brings the kids in, my interest dropped pretty fast. Save for the nephew, the kids are pretty cliche and aggravating with the main singer being the pretty typical "hang out in Starbucks and write my songs on my little notebook because I'm such an individual" type of guy. And for the record, mall rock is not exactly "rockin'." There would never be a point in this world where a cast-off Disney Channel band such as theirs would be opening for a Motley Crue-type group and to be honest I have no idea how Wilson's character could even stomach playing that music after how the movie set him up to be such an 80's metal fan. The story is pretty much the same cliche story every other band-themed film has treaded, sans the typical drugs/booze sequence of such movies. Overall, it's watchable but you'll move on from it fairly quickly. Bonus points for Jason Sudeikis who was hilarious in every one of his scenes as the band's manager.
Grade: C

Movies Watched: 1
-The Rocker
New Movies Bought: 7
-Island of the Fishmen
-Nature of the Beast
-Graffiti Bridge
-Here's Looking at You, Warner Bros.
-A Piece of the Action
-Year of the Gun
-Far From Heaven

Unseen DVDS: 2947
Unseen Blu-rays: 45
Unseen VHS: 119

I'm so screwed.

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