Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Road to 500: Prologue

So, I had planned on graduating this summer and had planned on doing so for about two years now. Since I knew that we probably wouldn't have the funds for true vacation or any other sort of celebration, I figured the least I could do is take October off and watch a straight marathon of horror movies. In fact, I've been doing my damnedest not to watch any horror movies at all since last Halloween, just so that this October would be a little more special.

Then I got reamed in the ass by financial aid. I never had problems before in the whole three years I've been going to school, but at the very last term they fall apart on me, screwing me on my plans. So now, I have to take three more classes as well as shoot my senior film this October leaving me with no free time at all.

I've been sitting here, recently unemployed and with only two classes to take, not knowing what the hell to do. So I came up with a different idea. I decided that I'm going to try to watch at least 500 horror films before the end of the year, leaving me with a little over five months to complete this Herculean goal. This way, I get to be able to enjoy my favorite genre as much as I can as well as giving me some direction with what to do in my downtime. Besides, as soon as I get another job I'll be bitching about not having enough time to watch the movies I've bought so I might as well get in as much as I can while I can. Normally this blog is just to keep track of the movies I've never seen before, but I'm going to change that up a bit. I'll do write-ups for both the previously seen movies as well as the new ones, though I don't know if they'll be as long winded. I've already got a big chunk watched and under my belt which I'll get around to writing up when I can (these things don't come quick, ya know), so I'm off to a good start. So if you're interested in seeing if I can make it, keep checking back to see how far I've come. We'll all discover at the end of the year how my sanity's held up.

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