Monday, January 3, 2011

Road to 500: Failure

Alternatively titled: I Suck, Here's Why I Sucked, and Here's Hoping I Don't Suck So Much This Year.

I know many have been waiting with bated breath for the return of regular Fiend postings, okay maybe not but it'd be nice to imagine such, and an update on how goes the brain sucking marathon.

Well, I'll tell you up front, it did not happen.

I think it topped out around 273 or something like that, which some would say nearly 300 movies in three months is an achievement in and of itself, but I still see it as a mark of shame. I made a public bet and I fell through to which I apologize. You may have noticed that with my last post I promised a follow up post with my thoughts on another remake which would have been 2010's A Nightmare on Elm Street but it never materialized. Well okay, here's my reasons for why these and other planned events did not occur. Please don't take this as whining.

After I threw up the last post, we had what could be considered a very minor snow falling. While I laughed at this place freaking out over a quarter inch worth of snow, karma would have other plans. The next morning while returning some gear I slipped on a tiny patch of ice, apparently breaking one of my ribs. As I stood up, I think I heard the heavens laughing. Or it was my breath wheezing in and out. I don't know. Anyways, this naturally put a crimp on anything computer related as it felt as though Satan was running a belt sander under my arm every time I lifted it up. I lost two weeks worth of working time on both the blog and my college thesis film, putting me at odds with both. When I could operate a keyboard again, I found my file for the Elm Street posting missing and hasn't been seen from again, gone to the recycle bin forever it seems. Something I wish could happen to the film itself. December was pretty much committed to finishing the movie and graduating. (Shameless Plug #3: if you want a hint of how it came out check it out here)

All in all, during the entirety of December and most of November, I managed to watch all of one movie, which was The Ref, a heartfelt Christmas movie if there ever was one.

With my case presented, I stand here for your judgment. Do you continue to follow a welsher that can't live up to his bargains? Do you still kill time by reading the blathering of a writer who can't fulfill his work load? Is there anyone that's actually still reading this?

I hope there is because there's a lot coming up. Overlooking this post which was originally supposed to state why the Road to 500 didn't materialize and has now become one of the whiniest blog posts on the 'net, I think there's some really fun content brewing. I've still got over 200 horror movie write-ups to do from the Road to 500 debacle as well as the other movies I've been able to start catching up with. Over the next few days there should be your typical "end of the year" type of post, though done in a personalized Fiend fashion. And over the last week or so, I've been hard at work on a marathon of kaiju-like proportions that should be fun to type up. There'll be new features, essays, lists, and all types of movie nerd shit going on right here at the DVD Fiend so stay tuned and here's to a productive 2011.

I mean it this time, too.

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